IC Clabacoon’s Scorpion Bay *IT neuter

Date of bird: 24.08.2011

EMS: MCO ns 22
Male: GIC Clabacoon’s Robespierre, JW *IT
Female: Black is Black Ranja Mon Amour *IT


Maine Coon male - www.maine-coons.sk

I really wanted a silver kitty.  For a long time I could not find the right It was a coincidence that I wandered the site cattery and they had kittens and had a silver tomcat and he was FREEEEEE ☺ several times a day I was looking at him, I resolved to write them. It was done essay in English ☺ but they written me and finally a small Scorpion Bay arrived us. I was in Rome for him - therefore he got the nickname Riman ♥ with expectation, we watched as it evolves .... grew up on a beautiful male cat with super ears set, long box, strong chin, bushy tail and pure silver - even now, in adulthoodhe, has no trace of rufizmus.. A bonus is his fantastic nature and temperamet.

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Maine Coon maleMaine Coon maleMaine Coon maleMaine Coon maleMaine Coon maleMaine Coon male